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Dave's Classics is alive, but not back to normal yet!

There’s now a message available on http://www.davesclassics.com to assure
us that things will be back to normal soon. :-)


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fMSX Amiga 2.0 released!


        fMSX Amiga 2.0


        Hans Guijt (hgu…@inter.nl.net)


        fMSX Amiga emulates an MSX computer on an Amiga. Features include:

        – Full emulation of the MSX1 system.
        – Full emulation of the MSX2 system.
        – Support for reading/writing MSX disks and disk images.
        – Can play all types of MSX ROMs, including ROMs bigger than 32KB.
        – Support for the PSG, SCC, and FM-Pac sound chips (through AHI or native).
        – Support for MSX memory sizes of up to 4Mb.
        – Can be controlled through ARexx.

        ‘MSX’ is an 8-bit computer system with surprisingly good graphics and
        sound capabilities. How does graphic resolutions of up to 512 * 424, up
        to 256 colors on screen, and 9 channel music sound?

        To demonstrate, several MSX pictures (taken from fMSX while running)
        have been uploaded to aminet (pix/illu/msx_emu.lha).

        Software is not included with the package, but many packages (mostly
        games) can be found on FTP sites:

                ftp.saitama-u.ac.jp                     /pub/msx/
                altair.komkon.com                       /pub/MSX/
                ftp.funet.fi                            /pub/msx/
                riaph.irkutsk.su                        /pub/

        Hundreds of games are available from these sites, and some form a
        worthy addition to the Amiga software collection.

        Of course fMSX Amiga is fully multitasking, runs in an intuition
        screen, and has a font-sensitive, resizable user interface.


        A year and a half in the making, you might expect a few changes. Well,
        nothing is further from the truth!

        This version of fMSX is almost a new program. Entire modules were
        written from scratch, most notably the video and CPU emulations.

        Most spectacular from a code point of view is the Dynamic Recompiler.
        This is a complicated piece of software that turns Z80 instructions
        into 680×0 instructions on the fly, before executing them. Translated
        instructions are cached and reused when needed. The net result? More
        configurability and more speed. Unfortunately, it is not yet as
        compatible as the old Z80 emulator, so some games will not run on it.
        68060 owners will love it though, as it can run at very precise
        speeds (previous versions could be astonishingly fast on 68060).

        Also rewritten from scratch were the display routines. Two complete
        sets of routines are now available, one for native screens (taking
        a few shortcuts here and there for extra speed) and one for CyberGfx
        mode. All MSX2 screenmodes are supported now, and every sprite
        resolution is available. The new routines are a lot faster than before

        Something that is _very_ useful for gamers: fMSX can now turn a
        directory filled with MSX software into a temporary disk on the fly.
        Just enter the name of a directory into one of the "drive" gadgets,
        and the contents of that directory are written onto a temporary disk,
        ready for your use. fMSX will even detect if you need any system
        files, and add these automatically if required!

        The GUI was completely changed. Many gadgets were given places that
        are more logical (I have had quite a few complaints about this, let me
        tell you). The new GUI uses the BOOPSI gadgets which are in development
        for Merapi, the Java system by Haage&Partner. I consider fMSX a sort
        of field-test, a useful testbench while Merapi is still waiting off

        Add in support for an MSX mouse, and (very preliminary) support for
        the FM-Pac. Add in some nifty configuration options (such as custom
        interrupt speeds for the ultimate in speed control), and a cheat
        finder. Add in the fact that nothing of note seems to get uploaded
        to Aminet recently. All in all, it should be clear that you simply
        have no choice other than to get this emulator!


        All this power does, unfortunately, not come without a price. Memory
        usage has skyrocketed, don’t bother to apply with less than 3MB.
        A hefty processor was always useful, and that is still true although
        it should run a bit better on slower systems as well.

        fMSX now once again requires AmigaOS 3.0. It could never have worked
        on AmigaOS 2.0, but since I didn’t receive a single bug report I
        can only assume that nobody was using it. Don’t bother complaining,
        there is a lot of 3.0 stuff in there now and I won’t be taking it out.

        AHI is required for some of the sound modes.


        fMSX Amiga 2.0 is available from any aminet site, such as:



        All this, for free!


        fMSX Amiga 2.0 is publically supported freeware.

        Source for previous versions was available on request. However,
        this version contains some code for Merapi which I am not willing
        to share at this point in time. You can get the source, but without
        the BOOPSI gadgets.

        Depending on how things go with Merapi this may change in the future.

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Playsaver!!! Added needed software to page

Oops!! I forgot some software needed to run playsony.exe
If your making it go back to the page and download playsave.zip where you found
the other software

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2nd CFV: comp.emulators.mac.fusion

                      LAST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
             unmoderated group comp.emulators.mac.fusion

Newsgroups line:
comp.emulators.mac.fusion       Fusion, a Macintosh emulator.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 17 Nov 1998.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Pat Gunn <pgun…@ibm.net>
Votetaker: Jim Davis <j…@primenet.com>

RATIONALE: comp.emulators.mac.fusion

There is currently no home for discussion of Macintosh emulation using the
software Fusion. Because of this, discussion of Macintosh emulation with
Fusion has spilled over into comp.emulators.misc and

As this is a popular topic, a very large number of postings that are only of
interest to a particular community have been placed in groups that are either
more general in purpose or are for a different purpose. The creation
of the proposed newsgroup will create a home for discussion of
Fusion reducing the amount of off-topic discussion in comp.emulators.misc
and comp.emulators.mac.executor.

CHARTER: comp.emulators.mac.fusion

Comp.emulators.mac.fusion is an unmoderated forum for discussion of
Macintosh emulation using Fusion. Commercial posts should not
be posted to the group, with the exception of announcements of new
versions of Fusion and accessories that are specific to Fusion. PGP
signatures are also permitted. Crossposts to other newsgroups are forbidden,
as are binary posts.



Follow these instructions *exactly*!  Votes are counted by computer.
You should send E-MAIL (posts to a newsgroup are invalid) to:


Please do not assume that just replying to this message will work.
Check the address before you mail your vote.  Your mail message
should contain one and only one of the following vote statements:

    I vote YES on comp.emulators.mac.fusion
    I vote NO on comp.emulators.mac.fusion

    Voter name:

If your mail software does not indicate your real name (for example, AOL
does not), include _exactly_ the statement above on a _separate_ line
and add your name after the colon.  Having your name in your signature line
is NOT enough!  Do NOT join the lines together or remove the words
"Voter name"!

You may also vote ABSTAIN (which records an empty vote) or CANCEL (which
removes any earlier votes).  ABSTAIN does not affect the final vote count
in any way but is listed, whereas CANCEL is not.

If these instructions are unclear, please consult the Introduction to
Usenet Voting or the Usenet Voting FAQ at


Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  One vote per person, one account
per voter.  Votes must be mailed directly from the voter to the votetaker.
Anonymous, forwarded or proxy votes are not valid.  Votes mailed by
WWW/HTML/CGI forms are considered to be anonymous votes.

Vote counting is automated.  Failure to follow these directions may
mean that your vote does not get counted.  If you do not receive an
acknowledgment of your vote within three days contact the votetaker
about the problem.  It’s your responsibility to make sure your vote
is registered correctly.  Duplicate votes are resolved in favor of
the most recent valid vote.  Addresses and votes of all voters will
be published in the final voting results post.

The purpose of a Usenet vote is to determine the genuine interest of
persons who would read a proposed newsgroup.  Soliciting votes from
disinterested parties defeats this purpose.  Please do not distribute
this CFV.  If you must, direct people to the official CFV as posted
to news.announce.newgroups.  Distributing pre-marked or otherwise
edited copies of this CFV is generally considered to be vote fraud.
When in doubt, ask the votetaker.

This CFV was created with uvpq 1.0 (Jun 10 1997).
PQ datestamp: 980322

comp.emulators.mac.fusion Bounce List – No need to revote
————————————————————————— —
bob…@uswset.net                                                          Bob
yahoo_…@francis.uy                                                      F Uy

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Playsaver Saves work with Psemupro

Need I say more?

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MAME and laptops

I just bought a new Gateway laptop and DOS MAME crashes while running
Windows. In DOS mode, its okay, but there is no sound.

I’ve narrowed it down to the video card/driver, even though the
chipset is supposedly VESA 2.0 compatible.

Does anyone else have any horror stories or incompatibilities with

Robert H

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DOS Mame vs WinMAME32

Is there any quality or compatibility differences between these two?
My laptop doesn’t work too well with DOS Mame, so I may be forced to
use MAME32 on my laptop.  I’m used to the flawless performance of DOS
Mame on my desktop.

What can I expect?
Is Directsound or Seal better?  What about the other settings?

Robert H

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Re: Modem & Zip Questions

indeed, you can’t use a winmodem

i am also very sorry to report that the iomega drivers for mac don’t
find a parallel zip, even if it is attached correctly, it’s drivers are
loaded, and it is configured correctly in the fusion setup

- — -

Jimmy Nova wrote:
> 1.) Am i correct in assuming that a Winmodem would be useless in
> Fusion?

> 2.) What’s the procedure for setting up a Parallel Zip? Can it be
> done?

> jimmy

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New Vectrex Spike Hoppin Overlays for DVE

New Vectrex Spike Hoppin Overlays for DVE
…an alternative for those not into colored vectors on the emulator. Enjoy.


Spike’s Big Vectrex Page

[please remove spamblock before emailing...]

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DOS mame works with Ensoniq AudioPCI under win95!


I tried this before and it didn’t work,
but with the latest version of DOS mame,
and the latest drivers,
the EAPCI works great running DOS mame in a DOS box with win 95
using the Soundscape setting!  Seems to take forever
to initialize the sound card but after that it does



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