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Archive for March, 2013

Jobs at new web site N64 Gaming Zone

I am starting a web site called the N64 Gaming Zone and I need help.  If
you want to write reviews, previews, or find codes it doesn’t matter what
you want to do.  Even if you can’t think of anything just email me and I’ll
find something.  My email address is n64gamingz…@hotmail.com

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New Emulation Site

Hi, My new page is a really good one so far. I even got a letter from the
Webmaster At Emulnews.com.  He said that once they move their central
office, then they would do something with my site. I havn’t finished
everything, and only 50% of the Console Emulators are online. All of the
Misc. Files are online, but this is all because of the lack of web space.
Once I am hosted, I will have enough space to make a killer web site. Oh,
and when your there, click on the value click banner please. Thanks.

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Mac OS 7.5.3 and Fusion

Can’t remember who corrected me when I said the above was Powermac only.

I apologise. You were right.

I think OS 7.5.2 was the version which was created for the new Powermacs
and drove everyone nuts (including me) waiting for an upgrade that

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Fusion – full version!!!


Fusion ver. 1.2 (FULL) + roms + MacOS and more other emulators.
Over 1 GB online!

 Jacek Podgorski / TP S.A. Wroclaw
 tel. +48 501 423113

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Run-It release 1.6 erratum

Sorry, I forgot Home Page address !

Run It is at www.bigfoot.com/~ebolefeysot (alias to the site below)
or www.geocities.com/timesSquare/Maze/7408/ (same site)

Run-It 1.6 released. Download it now.

Neorage beta/02d front end for windows
– Neorage beta/0.2d support
– Dual snapshot preview (title and in-game)
– Pic directories renamed in ‘TitlePic’ and ‘GamePic’
– Del Key or middle click swaps between snapshots
– Snapshot options saved
– Contextual menus
– Intellimouse support
– Relatives paths
– Additional neorage parameters
– Type of games added in the list
– Dos name is now displayed in the status bar
– Easy installation (Just one file!)
– Keep track of selected game when refreshing game list
– Root directory bug corrected
– Brand new interface with tabs
– Sort arrow in column header
– New kiwi bios support (>= 0.45)
– Now using Delphi 4.0 !
– Corrected a bug preventing 2020sb and 3 countb from appearing in the list
– Games filenames match mame 0.34 beta 3 neogeo filenames.

Bole-Feysot Eric –

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[annc] Mame32 .34b4 & art released

See link below –

the Mame32 QA/Test & Art Dept., including msg. board:

Mame32 .34b4 is a program which allows you to play 854 original
arcade games from 1975-1995+ on your PC.

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Fahrenheit 451 ROM image anywhere?

I’m looking for an IBM ROM image of the 80′s adventure game Fahrenheit 451, for
use with an emulator.  Can anyone help me out?

Thanks, Alex.

Alex Bilstein
BA in Art History, University of Texas
Check out my Atari 2600 Nexus:

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Fusion Memeory Limit

Any 1 know how to get fusion work with more than 64 M.B. Ram?????

U can Contact me here, email ehab…@yahoo.com or ICQ#526199 (ask
authorization by fusion word)

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Visit my site

please visit my site about NES emulation w/ lotsa roms-if you like it  sign
the guestbook and/or link it to your site if u have one and mail me 2 be
added in the links page thanks :-) Federico http://come.to/fedenes

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Where to find full OS 8.1 Hardfile?

Anyone know where i can find a full install of MacOS 8.1 for fusion on a


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