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Archive for August, 2012

Fusion: IDEA…

I’ve been trying to come up with a good idea for a web page… it seems
that I have found my calling:

A Technical Support page for Fusion.

Seeing as Jim Drew is only responding to registered users, this will be
for those with demo version or warez puppies (perhaps).  It will only be
support, and feature many of the fixes mentioned in the newsgroup here
(and soon, I hope) the Fusion newsgroup.

However, I will not include a warez version, or ROMs, or software… all
included software will be links to freeware or shareware and Apple
fixes… Hope this will be up soon…

Is anyone archiving this newsgroup? I could use some older, expired


remove "nospam" to email! Otherwise, just reply…

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emulators in DOS???

I am trying to get all my emus working in DOS but I can’t sound. My
sound only works in Win95. Can anyone help me what to put in my
autoexec.bat. I have a line that is SET BLASTER a=1?? I=?? etc. Does it
need anything? Like a volume setting, i can’t even get it to recognise
that there’s a sound card in my computer. Please help I am so
desperate.     Thanks, Jon

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At ABEM: Sam Showdown 4/Blazing Star

that’s alt.binaries.emulators.misc

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Fusion can suck my ass! How about that! :-)

enough is enough already.

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Lazarus Site

Does anyone know if this site moved and whereto?


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sys 7.6.1 in zip format

Does anyone know where I can get System 7.6.1 in .zip format?

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QuickWare Q87

Dear friend

Do you know about QuckWare Q87 math coprocessor emulator for 386, 486SX
I want to buy this, but I can not contact QuickWare (tel, bbs, aol and
800 number do not work).  QuckWare have already closed?
If you know about information about QuickWare Q87, please let me know.
If you know another math coprocessor emulator for 486SX processor also
let me know.

Thank you.

Kazuo Katoh


Kazuo Katoh
NCVC, 5 Fujishirodai, Suita, Osaka, Japan.

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DOS drives from Fusion

Fusion tells me that my PC partitions are not readable.
Is this because they are fat-32, and if so, can I do
anything about it?

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fusion running OS8.0 and modem

Just uot of curiosity, has anyone gotten Fusion running OS8.0 to
actually make a dialu connection using OT and the PPP control panel.
If so, what did you set the modem to in the modem control panel to
make it see the internal modem on a PC

Just curious?

Oh, and BTW, if you have a Zip Zoom scsi card and use the guest
driver, Fusionwill see a zip fine, but other type of removable drives
have some problems, like an optical drive.

Also, shrinkwrap seems to cause an error 36 when trying to mount disk

Just more info FYI

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Re: Fusion Question

Your not the only one to get snookered by Mr.Drews over inflated ram
estament. I believe he is corect that fusion can access that much ram, but
in its Amiga form not the PC Dos version. Dos has a 60meg limit and as far
as I know there is no way around it. If someone knows how please post the
answer for the rest of us! As far as rebuiling the desktop I have no
problems with this. You may want to delete the PRAM file in the Fusion
setup. Its one of the option under Cofig. And for the Disk cache. I took a
few reboots and I think it finaly took but System profiler still says its
only set to 96k but the memory setup says 1024k. Go figure. I dont know wich
one is right. Hope this help you out. Good luck.

- — -

Kevin Ho wrote in message <6skgjm$p…@hkpa05.polyu.edu.hk>…
>I want to know some answer form the questions, anyone please help!
>1.    Is that the Fusion is only support 60M ram, I have 512M RAM installed
>and the setup only allowed me to select 60M, otherwise, the problem will
>run. Any solution for this?

>2.     Is there anyone can rebuild the destop files in Fusion, I tried many
>times, but it cannot work?

>3.    The disk cache is not save? Whenever I change the disk cache setting,
>the system will not boot again. Is that the limit of the Fusion.
>Thanks, for any answers, emai is more appreciate. Thanks!

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