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Archive for June, 2012

Does $80 Fusion include any future updates?

If I buy Fusion, will I be entitled to any future updates of Fusion?

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what happened to http://www.hostus.com/vas???

I don’t think that I was the only one that got my system software from VAS…
I used the dsk image of 7.0 to boot in fusion, and now I’d like to get some of
the programs that the site had, but the thing isn’t there.  anyone know any
whereabouts, plz lemme know.

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I need help!!

Hey guys,

I’m in needing of some help.  I’m looking for an old game for the
original Nintendo.

I think it was only released in Australia, its called (I think)
Australian Rules Football.  (Or international football)

I’ve looked everywhere for it.  Anyone that can help, I will try and
give them something in return.



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That old Simpsons arcade game…..

     I’ve been looking for a rom of this game, and en emulator to run it,
but I’m flat out of luck ;-(  One of my friends told me to come here, cause
he saw something about it before.  So……. does anyone have any ideas
where I can get the rom, or an emulator to run it? I’d REALLY appreciate it!

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Fusion and MAC OS

I have downloaded the Fusion demo and so far, so good. However, my copy of
MAC OS is not the ‘generic’ version but the CD for my Performa 6200. My
question is, can I somehow copy certain files onto floppies from the CD to
allow me to install the OS from there? Or, do I have to download another
copy of the OS? (Is this available from Apple?) If that is the case, should
I download it onto MAC or PC disks? Hope someone can help.

Scott Cowper

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who can help…? FAQ…???

I’m looking for the FAQ of this Newsgroup…

Is there anybody who can send me the FAQ or an related page…?



Diese Mail wurde Ihnen praesentiert von….
Galilei aus seinem schiefen Turm in Pisa!!!

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Fusion: Help on unpacking the MacOS7.01.bin-files files from ftp.apple.com

Hi there!

I’m sitting duck here …

Well not really, but in terms of getting started with the Fusion demo i’m
seeking some advice.

Ok. I got the demo installed, the roms, mouse drivers etc. up and running
and that’s fine, but then the questions appear:

1. is it possible to unpack the MacOS.bin-files from Win95? If so, how and
what software is required?
2. has anyone made the disks available in a format that can be decompressed
from win95 to floppys?
3. has anyone made a hardfile available anywhere – I know it’s a bit
dubious, but now that the 7.01 OS is freely available, someone must have had
the courage;-) or brains to make such an OS7.01 file available for
interested users.

If webspace is the problem, then I’ll be happy to make such an OS7.01
hardfile widely available.

And one more for the more mature audience;-):

3. Has anyone had any luck in terms of using shapeshifter hardfiles with
fusion? If so, how? I’ve tried with one but no luck;-(


Claes Andersen

Please reply to me directly as well as the newsgroup, if you like to.

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More 4-way joystick talk

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  n…@spam.it (Nicola Salmoria) wrote:

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> hoga…@rand.solluna.org wrote in message
> <6moafs$8o…@nnrp1.dejanews.com>…
> > I think it would be GREAT (possible idea here for the MAME development
> > team) if there were an option in MAME to have the joystick handling code
> > simply discard all the diagonal positions. This shouldn’t be difficult to
> > implement, and would make the control experience much more realistic for
> > some games.

> It’s already like that. When you move in a diagonal, only one of the
> components is registered. This helps a little, in e.g. Lady Bug; but is
> no substitute for a REAL 4-way joystick. You just can’t emulate one with
> an 8-way joystick.

> Nicola Salmoria

I guess I just don’t understand why. The way you describe it, MAME IS
interpreting  the diagonals – by registering one of the two components. What
I’m suggesting is that NEITHER of the components be registered when a
diagonal is pressed. The pattern of gameplay (for example, on Pac Man) that
leads to hitting a diagonal by accident is moving the stick from one of the 4
basic positions to another one of the four basic positions. You never attempt
to go diagonally through an opening. Since the diagonal is hit during the
transition to the next position, we can assume that one of the real 4
positions will be forthcoming. It seems like the solution would be to just
trash both components of a diagonal.

For example, let’s say I’m playing Make Trax and am travelling up. There’s an
opening coming up on my right. When I get to the opening, I switch from
pressing up to pressing right. I may press the up-right diagonal in the
process, but it’s only on the way to pressing true right. Instead of
interpreting this transitional diagonal one way or the other, just throw it
out. The right will come soon enough, so it shouldn’t cause any loss of

This could be a switch you turn on or off in MAME, for example in the tab
screen for Joystick. It could be a "Suppress Diagonals YES/NO" toggle.
Someone before suggested it would involve modifying the ROMs, but I don’t see
why at all. It’s just modifying the way MAME interprets the joystick
information (from DirectInput, for example).

Am I totally off-base here?


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fusion and ASPI driver(s)?


as a recent Wintel (who still likes his Quadra) machine buyer, I have no
idea what ASPI drivers are.  In order to access my hard-drive under Fusion,
I apparently have to have some.  How do I install these an whatnot?  I have
Fujitsu hard-drive, but after checking their website, I couldn’t find
anything remotely related to APSI.  To anyone answering this query, bear
this in mind: pretend I am stupid and talk very loudly with lots of

Derek Dreger


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fire on C64 emulator


I tried different emulators for C64 on my PC.
In this emulators PC keyboards can be used to simulate
the joystick. On certain games fire does not run, what
means that I can load and start the games but not run.
That means I see the startscreen of the game and in
certain situations a message apperars <press fire to start>.
If I press the fire on keyboard, where the joystick fire is
simulated nothing appears.
Please help me

Thank you


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