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Archive for August, 2011

MAME on MSNBC site…

Anybody read this yet? Pretty cool.

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The Galaga Worship Page is up!

Info on Galaga history, emulation, ports, clones, and everything else:


Roger Harkavy

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Atmospherical Heights is gone…………..

I just got this when I logged on……………


Just a few minutes ago I received notice from Pairnet.Com (my 200MB
server space sponsor), in which was stated that my files would be
password protected for 30 days. Following just that were about 60
mails (and thats within a few hours folks!) complaining about the
password protection. Ofcourse, as you might understand, my pages can’t
handle such restrictions. Add to that, a few days ago my primary
harddisk took a beating, destroying all my HTML files, my entire
arcade emulation collection and some personal stuff.

This is the end really for Atmospherical Heights. It has been fun
while it lasted, but ever since the end of 1997, it was more of a drag
than actual fun for me to keep maintaining the pages. I have started
yet another careermove, one which obliges me with even more
time-consuming activities and responsiblities, leaving me with little
to no time to keep up with current updates.

I would like to thank the more than a million visitors and thousands
of e-mailers who supported me in the past, it has been a great time
indeed. Nostalgia, even in the form we participated in, is a moment in
time in which we remember the glorious things of our past. Make sure
that nothing can change our perception of that past, and that we can
raise a smile of the things of our youth.

Thanks also to all the people who made our nostalgia trip worthwhile,
the emulator authors. Even if I focussed a little bit too much on
M.A.M.E., all other projects where truly awesome in both design and
implementation. Respect is truly due.

To the M.A.M.E. team I would like to say: Thank you for all your
efforts, and for letting me join the MAMEDEV team, so that I could
keep up with current affairs. This emulator surely dominated my spare
time ever since it was first released, and I had the privilege to
maintain the very first M.A.M.E. website out there, even if it was
unofficial. However, I won’t be leaving without nagging about current
affairs. Some people within the MAMEDEV team seem to think of
themselves as godlike persons, wanting to apply their own rules upon
others. Better watch out, your ego might get hurt in the unforseeable
future. You are not the only one able to place all the pieces of the
puzzle together.

To the scene innovators I would like to say: Keep it up! Those of you
still around are doing a tremendous job, informing and supplying the
wanting public with a priceless stream of updates and information.

To the scene followers I would like to say: I hope you will one day
achieve your goal and reach that hero-like status I enjoyed. Chances
are small, but if you have too much free time on your hands, you might
be able to reach a planet filled with info wanting people.

To all the lamers out there I would like to say: Hey you sad piece of
shite, now you will have to link off another respected scenedude for
your miserable, not worth to mention, obscure web site.

Thats it. Peace to all of you out there, anyone reading this has to be
a really cool girl or guy, one with one I for once share the same

Signed the 22nd of February 1998,

John den Hartog.  

What do you want now?

Okay, if you are desperate to contact me now I have closed
Atmospherical Heights, then you can reach me at the following email


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Re: Atmospherical Heights Closed!!

Dave’s, Insert Coin, Lord 13, PC Arcade.. etc.

mailto:jo…@gte.net, Seattle, WA

It’s what happens when you take arcade machine code and
run it on your PC: Mame32 .30 – 346 classics from 1978-1989
Get it at www.davesclassics.com &

- — -

Doug Griffiths wrote in message <34EFEE21.5…@voyager.co.nz>…
>Okay, so now where in the web do I go to get the same standard of Mame


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New Arkanoid Emulator

A fully playable Arkanoid emulator with sound for Win95
Check it out


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Magic engine v0.9

I’m looking for a registered version of
Magic engine v0.8 or  v0.9
for PCengine/turbograph
                                Thank you

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Speed in RAGE

Hi everybody,

        I wanted to know if the speed of R-Type, for example, in RAGE is
exactly the same as the original?  The game seems a faster than what I
remember (or maybe I’m too old to play these fast games :) )

        I have a Cyrix P120+ at 100MHz, and I tried the moslo programme,
ie.  moslo /1 rage rtypeus, but without any success.  The game speed
doesn’t seem to be affected by moslo.  Any idea?


PS: I think this question has been asked a thousand times, but since I’m
    new here, permit me to ask once more: what is the difference between
    R-Type japanese version and its US version?  I just noted some
    difference in colour?


   Seak Teng-Fong                        Mailto:s…@drfc.cad.cea.fr
   Bat 507
   DRFC / SPPF                           Tel: 33 (0)
   CE / Cadarache                        Fax: 33 (0)
   13108 Saint Paul lez Durance Cedex    

   Mobile: 33 (0)
   * SMS: http://www.itineris.tm.fr/htmlbt/usi_smss.htm
          Mailto:0681042…@sms.itineris.tm.fr  (Max 160 characters)


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M.A.M.E. in the news

MSNBC has some articles on emulation especially M.A.M.E.,
check it out on http://www.msnbc.com/news/144309.asp

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Mortal Kombat – emulators
Are there any?
If not is there anyone working on one?
If not is it because it’s too hard to emulate?

|         dad…@bigfoot.com        |    davidb…@btinternet.com   |
|     davidb…@cableinet.co.uk     |            ICQ 573472         |
| Or find me on Sleepless Nights telnet//:sleepless.cheese.org:6789 |
| As of 17/2/98 I am unemployed. If you are looking for someone to  |
|do PC support in the west of Scotland area then please email me    |

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No sound with Rage

I have the last release of the Rage emulator, and with my SoundBlaster
AWE64, I can’t get any sound !
I downloaded the driver update from Creative’s site, and nothing
changed… And my sound card works very well with any other game or
emulator !
What’s the problem ? Someone told me to run aweutil, but when I do so, I
have the message : "error13 : multitasking environment is not
Help !
If it can help, I have a P166+ and 48 Mb ram.

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