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Archive for June, 2011

Callus w/Sidewinder

    I can’t get my Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad to work with Callus.
I’ve tried everything, and no luck.  If anybody has gotten this to work
please email me at short…@ionet.net .


Makk Short

Come check out Makk’s World at :

The Manifest Destiny Homepage :

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Boldt's MAME page

Hi all!

Boldt’s MAME page is now updated, and contains almost all the ROM’s
available for MAME v0.30.

In 2 or 3 days all, the ROM’s will be available for download, so
please be a little patient, and keep an eye out for your favorite ROM.

The address is: http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/proxy/125/

Kenneth Boldt

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Hi, I have got UAE and need a hand!


I am having a little trouble with UAE, the Amiga Emulator!

I have read the docs till I am dead. Please help me folks! I can’t get
any games with two disk files to work, because I can only specify one
file to use as the default disk driver. Please help me! How can I run
games like `Shadow of the Beast’ which have two .adf files. I don’t know
how much experience you have, but any help or FAQs would be appreciated!


from Michael Halls-Moore a.k.a…
                                    __   ___
***********************************/^^\*/ __^^^\***************************
    /^^^^^/  /^^/  /^^^|  /^^^|   / ** / /  ^^^^ /^^/    /^^^^^/  /^^^^\
    ^/  /^  /  /  /  | | /    |   \_==/ /       /  /    / /^/ /  / /^/ /
    /  /   /  /  /  /| |/  /| |  / / / /\      /  /    /  ^^ /  / / / /
 /^^  /   /  /  /  / |    / | | / / / /\ \    /   ^^/ / /^/ /  /  ^^ /
 ^^^^^    ^^^   ^^^   ^^^^  ^^^ \ \/ / / /    ^^^^^^  ^^  ^^   ^^^^^^
*********************************\_)/ (_/**********************************
 m…@interlan.demon.co.uk       /_/    \ http://www.interlan.demon.co.uk/

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HELP!!!!! I'm having emu problems!

I really need help from someone….any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

I have a Packard Bell P133; and I’m having problems with my arcade emulators.
I think it’s a Direct X problem; but I’m not sure. I have Direct X 5.0
installed on my system. I tried to uninstall it through my Control Panel, so I
could install a different version (thinking that’s what caused the problem),
but it wouldn’t let me (not sure why either).

Now, let me give you just a little history first. ALL of my emulators DID work
at one time. We had some config problems with our PC; and we had to take it in
to a service center. Ever since we got it back, our emulators won’t work on all
the games they support.

Here’s what’s happening:

On some games, I get messages referencing DirectDraw or DirectSound
On some games, I get the message "Failed to create DirectSound COM object".
On some games, I get the message "DirectInputCreateDevice failed".

On some games, I get the message "Unable to create Direct Draw object".

On some games, I get the message "error initializing Direct Draw".

I get a message saying "Unable to create Active X control"

Can anybody help me?? I am getting so discouraged and aggravated…..nothing I
try seems to work, and I can’t find any helpful info at any of the emu sites,
or Microsoft’s web site.  Please e-mail me back with advice, if you have some.
I would be most grateful.

Mr Ste…@aol.com

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MAME32 sound – going nuts!

I’m having a real problem with the "sometimes it works, sometimes it
doesn’t" sound performance with MAME32. Specifically – I’m running Windows
95 on a notebook (Pentium 166MMX) with a Windows Sound System compatible
sound card.  The sound in all of my other DirectX games always have and
continue to work great.  MAME32 worked great, as well – at first.  The sound
was perfect and I was getting a full 60 fps in most of my favorite games
(Hypersports, Xevious, etc).  Everything was great!

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, everything slowed down dramatically.  The
sound became very choppy, the frame rate was cut in half, and no amount of
playing with the settings helped anything.  Nothing happened to the
machine – no new software was installed. This literally happened overnight.

MAME is the greatest piece of freeware to come along in quite a while. But,
as freeware, support comes mainly from the users, so this is the only place
I could think of to ask. So, what’s the deal?  Anyone else having problems
with this? Anyone have any ideas?

A MAME fan
(mind the spamblock when replying)

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For all your SNES and Callus needs…

…. Come and visit StormWorld at


See you there.

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Genesis – Smurfs2

Anyone got a WORKING ROM Image of Smurfs 2 for Sega Genesis ?

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Threshold for the Atari 8-bit

Anyone remember this one?  It was one of my personal favorites.  I found a
copy of this but it won’t load.  Anyone got a working copy.  I’m using
this on Rainbow 1.4 on a PPC.

I’ll return the favour with anything (ROM-wise or the like) you may be
looking for.

Also, a working copy of Star Radiers would be nice.  Mine does everything
except it won’t hyperwarp to the correct location.

Many thanks,


Antique Electronics

San Francisco, CA.

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Req : Bios Rom files for Commodore-Amiga Emulator

I get a copy of Commodore Amiga emulator for DOS.
I just need the bios rom files to made the program,
anyone know where can I download the bios rom files?

(please remove "oops" if you write me an e-mail)

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Star Ocean wanted…

If anybody have the rom "Star Ocean" for SNES, please contact me.
I need it.

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