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Archive for November, 2010

MAME Roms in FTP?

Simple question actually: Does anyone have MAME ROMs available in
FTP-site? If yes, where?

P.S. MAME Rocks!

erno…@evitech.fi      www.evitech.fi/~ernomat/index.html
Erno Tuomainen          
tel. +358-9-5301724     A Computer engineering student
gsm. +358-50-5546566    Helsinki/Finland

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MAME speed problems with AWE64

Why is it that some games go at 60 FPS with 8-bit sound and with my AWE64,
some games only go at 15 FPS? I have problems with games like Gyruss and
some others. Any suggestions to get full speed with a SB AWE64 with AWE32
settings for MAME?


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Zelda and NLKSNES

ok, i downloaded nlksnes because Zelda3 worked alright with it without
much trouble with layering. i finally got to the dark world and beat the
first boss. one problem. when i get the crystal, the game locks with
Link holding the crystal above his head. all animation is still going
and all the layering commands still work, but i can’t get Link to move
after i get the crystal.  am i just missing something in the game or is
this a problem with the emulator or rom?


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Bubble Bobble level 99

Can anyone tell me how to complete level 99 on Bubble Bobble, I can get all
the baddies except for one which is stuck in a box in the middle of the
screen and I cannot see a way to get to it,
Please CC replies to leo…@dircon.co.uk

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le GEEK web site update


Le GEEK has been updated.  A sort of "jack of all trades" site, le GEEK
focuses on favorite games of yesteryear and today as well as emulation,
with sections on:

        Atari VCS
        Commodore 64
        NES and Super NES
        Misc (currently with info for genesis, jaguar, and lynx).

Updates include a revamping of the entire site; with frames, new graphics,
and a hopefully improved interface for better navigation..

Please check us out at:


and if you have a favorite game not listed or you know of/maintain a
(site/FAQ/walkthrough) I should link to or have on le Geek, please e-mail


(Just a note: I’m not too keen on linking to roms sites unless it’s

Thanks for your time,

    ,- Kn0wLedGe i$ +He aB:LitY 2 +raN$f0rm dA+a n2 n4mAt:0n -.
,-=’ Ben  Langberg   Computer  Graphics   Syracuse  University ‘=-.
   \  -==-  \  -==-  \  -==- | -===- | -==-  /  -==-  /  -==-  /
    ‘ bdlan…@mailbox.syr.edu   http://web.syr.edu/~bdlangbe ‘
            ‘-.,-’           ‘-.   ,-’           ‘-.,-’  

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Compiling MAME 2.9

I have always had no problem compiling previous versions of MAME up to version
2.8.  Now however, it no longer compiles.  I get the message:
gcc -DX86_ASM -DLSB_FIRST -Isrc -Isrc/Z80 -Isrc/M6502 -Isrc/I86 -Isrc/M6809 -Is
c/M6808 -Isrc/M68000 -fstrength-reduce -fomit-frame-pointer -O3 -m486 -Wall -We
ror -Isrc/msdos -o obj/osdepend.o -c src/msdos/msdos.c
cc1.exe: warnings being treated as errors
src/msdos/msdos.c: In function `osd_init’:
src/msdos/msdos.c:281: warning: implicit declaration of function `set_leds’
src/msdos/msdos.c: In function `osd_trak_read’:
src/msdos/msdos.c:1447: warning: implicit declaration of function `get_mouse_mi
make.exe: *** [obj/osdepend.o] Error 1

The new doc says that I need "WIP 2.8" version of Allegro from
I downloaded WIPOct19.ZIP and recompiled allegro, but this made no difference.
Also, the doc for WIPOct19.ZIP says it is Allegro version 2.2 + WIP.
I can’t find "WIP 2.8" version of Allegro anywhere.  HELP!!

Can anyone please tell me whats wrong and how to fix?

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Help! Mame Starforce Hi scores!

I was interested to see that in Mame v.29 Star force would have a saving
hi-score table. However this doesn’t seem to be the case.
I’ve extracted Mame .29 and am using my original Starforce roms..
what am I doing wrong and can anyone help? it would be much appreciated.

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AEC 1.10

—— Arcade Emulators Center 1.10 ——–

AEC is a front-end for Arcade emulators in Windows 95.

Whats new in 1.10:
 -The program is now resizable and have a variable number of banks of games.
 -Updated for Mame 0.29
   -Implemented an easy way to install new roms for Mame
 -Updated for new version of various other emulators.

 Marc Lafontaine

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Mario AllStars runs on ZSNES?!

 I guess it runs on the newest SNES9x too right? Where have I been! I didn’t
even think it worked yet, till I tried it today! All the games work even 3!
Hahaah yeah!! And I can actually get a descent speed on a 486/133 with
frameskip 2 and everything tweaked out. If anyone knows any "Secret" ways to
tweak it even better let me know. -Satcom2

p.s. why are Donkey Kong Country 1 , 2, and 3  the fastest of any SNES game
on the emulators? That is just totally bizarre.

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Apple 3e emulator…is there one?


        Does anyone know if there’s a program out there that will emulate
software for the Aple IIIe on a PC?


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