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Doctor V64

Hey i was wondering if anyone had any kind of information on the Doctor
V64.  I’m looking for any info really like pricing, availablity,
compatiblity, and equipment.


e-mail me info or post it here…


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I just tried the Gameboy version of pac-in-time and it was just like an
amiga game called Fury of the Furies. Does anybody know the connection
with these two games?

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Macintosh Cinematronics Emulator?

I’m aware of two Cinematronics emulators for PCs, one which is unfinished
and another which is available.  Is anyone working on versions of these
for the Macintosh?  In particular I am interested in an emulator that will
allow the game "War of the Worlds" to be played on a Mac, preferably the
color version which is extremely rare (I’m told only one was ever
manufactured in color) though anything would be acceptable.  The one
released emulator I am aware of does have War of the Worlds in color.

Are Cinematronics games outside the scope of MAME and MacMAME?

I will be subscribing to this group to read responses.  E-mail copies of
followups are welcome but not required.

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Re: Name these games

Andrew Dunbar wrote:

> I remember a couple of old games but not their names.  Does anyone
> know the ones I mean?

> The first one was a vertical scroller where you control a car and you
> have to bump other cars into the side walls to destroy them.  You
> also have a jump button which lets you jump over rivers etc.  It was
> probably from about 1982.

        "Bump and Jump". It also had dumptrucks that would drop loads that you
could crash into, and an exclamation point would flash when a jump was
coming up. Sound familiar?

> The other one was pretty scarce in Australia at least.  It was a
> horizontal two-way scroller where you controlled a modern compact
> turbo type car.  It was basically a platform game but with a car as
> the main character.  Probably from around 83-84.

> Was the second one City Connection?  I’m only familiar with MAME
> sorry.

        I think City Connection is right. The only other one that comes close
to that is JumpBug, and that’s on MAME…


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CPE 5.2: out of memory ?

When I try to load Harrier Attack into CPE 5.2 it says out of memory
(or was it memory full ? Yes.) Why ?!?


The Heechee

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Name this game

 It was a plateform game, all systems (but one) I saw had the name-logo in
Japanese. I once saw a version with English alphabet, but I don’t remember
the name.
you were starting in a forest and the trees had lots of horizontal branches,
then you would end in a factory with lots of wheels. you had a kind of cape.
the design was very japanese. it was released at the same time as Altered
Beast but the company wasn’t known as far as I remember

do you know that in Europa many people told me I was crazy when I talked
them about Arabian :) Even coin-op import companies didn ‘t hear about this
game :)

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MAME Wish List

Has anyone attempted to support Terra Cresta?  It was a Xevious style
game which featured dinosaurs roaming the surface of the planet that
scrolled vertically beneath you.  Presumably it was the sequel to
Moon Cresta.

Andrew Dunbar

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looking for any roms for the intellivision????

I have a few, but looking for more.  

thanks a bunch!!

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Is there any "crack/patch" for the free ATARI-ST emulation "GEMULATOR
CLASSIC" for MSDOS computers so that I may use a TOS.IMG on harddisk
instead of the EPROM card ? In my AT-486 PC, there is no slot available
anymore (I may prove by photo!), so…

I am not interested in the new *demo* version of the current
GEMULATOR 96 or 97 which works with a TOS.IMG file on harddisk, because
it´s a *demo*.

Look at my homepage about ATARI and free emulators


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