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Ghosts n Goblins monsters?

 anyone have a list of all the monsters in Ghosts n Goblins?

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Next SNES9X Emu

When is the next 9X comming out, according to the rumor mill? I had an
elaborate Batch/PIF system to start any game with any option. But it was
lost to a crash, and I dont feel like rebuilding it all.
The reason the two are mentioned is I hear the DOS version is getting a GUI
and the Win32 version will be getting more functionality. which would have
made my contraption useless anyway.
And yes, I have tried front ends, but I find they don’t have all the options
the latest version has.

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PC Engine/TG 16

Hello all

I’d like to relase a portable PC Engine Emulator but I need some infos if
someone knows ANY info related to it feel free to e-mail them at
I’m usually in IRC at Undernet my nick is Angelo (or Angelo_ if it is
already used anyway check with /whois command my name is Angelo La Pegna)
if you are there feel free to say hi.

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Problems with C-64 on Mac, please help.

Hi All,
I am using an emulator for my Mac called C64 (surprise !) and have been
trying to relive some fabulous moments from my younger years, but it
just won’t run the games I really wanna play, like Elite, Uridium and
paradroid. What am I doing wrong ? Please advice through mail !!!




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MAME locking up a machine?

Howdy. I was taking a break this afternoon and fired up MAME on one of the
systems in a computer lab that I support. I brought up a DOS prompt under
Win95 (booting to DOS is made deliberately difficult on these systems), typed
in the command line, and was shocked to see the machine completely lock up as
soon as the program started. Even C-A-D brought no response, and I had to
cycle the power to reboot. I got the same result on two identical machines
under two very different Win95 configurations.

Mighty strange. I’ve played MAME many times on all my wierd home systems and
on a couple machines around work, and have never had any serious problem
occur. And the other machines at work are also IBM PC3xx series units, with
similar hardware.

The systems are brand new IBM PC350′s: P200MMX, 32MB RAM, EIDE HD and CD-ROM,
S3 Trio V64+ chipset (2MB) on the MB, a 3Com 3C905TX ethernet card, and a
SoundBlaster AWE 64 Gold. They’re both running Win95 OSR2 with Novell Client32
v2.12 and relevant drivers, but that’s where the similarity ends. I was
running MAME with the default parameters and with standard (not AWE 32) SB
audio selected. Running with no sound selected seemed to work at first, but
the system locked on the second attempt.

Right now my prime suspects are the AWE-64, and the VESA support on the S3
chipset.  I saw a thread a while back about crashes using a similar video
chipset, but no resolution to the problem. Any comments or suggestions are


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MameNow FrontEnd users !!!ATTENTION!!!

To all MameNow frontend users :

Please send me a mail if you use MameNow. I want it for statistical
and feedback reasons.

Thanks in advance

Please remove the NOSPAM at the end of email address to get the real

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GO HERE http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/4646/

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Visit Commodore World and vote for your favourite 64 game!


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C64 Spelunker cheat

For anyone who’s interested,  here is a cheat I hacked for Spelunker on
the C64 years ago and just re-discovered as I was poking around on some

Load Spelunker to the title screen,  hit reset and run this program.  (You
can save it to disk and load it after the reset,  everything should work

10 for z=12337 to 12341 : read a : poke z,a : next : sys4096 : data

One restarted,  you will find that you are invincible and can fall from
any height unharmed.  What’s more,  if you get stuck just hit run/stop
twice and you’ll be returned to either the elevator or the last generator
you picked up.  

I have quite a few others if anyone’s interested.


Jason King
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MAME too fast!!! Help!

I JUST got started with MAME (incredible, what a walk down nostalgia lane) and
so far, I LOVE it, but one problem:

I’m a a 300mHz P2 and virtually all of the games run a bit too fast. I noticed
that the readme suggests running at a lower frame rate, but for me, that’s
resulted in the same speed game just looking worse.

What am I doing wrong?

*** RTH ***                  
Rich Heimlich

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